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Decorating a Bookcase

Whether built-in or freestanding, bookshelves and bookcases offer endless opportunities to add personal touches to your home decor. While the shelves themselves can add to your modern or traditional decor, the collection of books, objects and keepsakes you choose to place on them can elevate your home’s individual style.

Shelves packed with well read books lend a traditional look of a home library or study, a layered assortment brimming with collectables from around the world offer a well-traveled appearance, while a modest arrangement of objets d’art will provide a contemporary gallery feel.

Showcasing your Library

If you are displaying books on your shelves, you can create different looks with how you exhibit them. Matching leather bound collections give a polished, classic feel. For a more diverse collection, grouping similar color books together can offer a coordinated effect. Create a more dynamic feel by standing some and stacking others.

Not Just for Books

Books aren’t your only option. Many designers opt to integrate a few large art books with a variety of interesting decor pieces. Take a cue from the rest of the room when creating your showcase; pick up on the styles and colors in your room. Use this as an opportunity to expand upon a contrast color.

Stacks of books can be used as a base for other keepsakes you want to display and make a useful way to add more variety in height of the items on your shelves.

No Need to Overfill

While filling every inch of every shelf is an option, too much on display can get overwhelming. Leaving open spaces gives your eyes a place to rest and provides a more refined presentation. Include a variety of objects in different sizes, finishes and shapes. Choose from pieces such as framed photos, bookends with character, decor items, vases, pottery, plants, flowers, clocks, candles and sculptures. And don’t forget to showcase your hobbies, interests and passions –for example a vintage camera or model wooden sailboat. When styling the shelves, play with groupings, positioning and placement. To help with your arranging, employ some of these ideas:

  • Curated Collections – group like things together for spectacular results.
  • Go Bold – rather than lots of small items, big items offer a bold look, try large art, sizable spheres and voluminous vases.
  • Symmetry in arrangements works well in traditional or home office spaces. Create balance by putting similarly sized and shaped items in the same place on each side of the bookcase.

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Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral


Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate this luscious color into your home:

Go Big and Bold

For maximum effect saturate your space with this energizing color. Pulled from nature, coral invokes underwater delights, striking sunsets and floral fancies. By furnishing with a coral sofaloveseat and chair you are embracing this warmth to the fullest. Consider accents that have softer hues or tonal qualities that won’t fight against the brilliant coral color.

Mixing Shades

Mix coral with related shades found in nature.  For a soft look blend it with pastels. To increase the contrast pair it with deeper shades. Consider mixing in nearby hues of tangerine and orange. Coral is striking when paired with blue shades from watery aqua to deep ocean blue.  This accent chair and pillow are shown above with two different sofas to show off the effects of softer and deeper contrasts.


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DIY Fall Decor

Even though it marks the end of summer fun, fall brings its own mystique and charm. Leaves begin to fall and pumpkins sprout in the crisp autumn air. Decor inspired by the season often features the earthy colors of turning leaves and homey accents to make evenings spent indoors warm and cozy.

Decorating for Halloween

Halloween offers even more elements to play with in seasonal decorating. An elegant spin on the holiday may include branch centerpieces, gothic candles, or patio luminaries to create a mysterious glow. Spooky-cute decor features fun monsters and candy creations. Still other decorators honor the Day of the Dead with family tributes, sugar skulls, and vibrant colors.

Regardless of how you celebrate the season, decorating at Halloween can be a fun way to put a festive touch on your interior design and engage with the community. Whether you're preparing for a party or decking out the front porch for treat-or-treaters, Halloween decor is versatile enough to suit your tastes and goals.

DIY Halloween Decorations

Handmade Halloween decor allows for even more freedom to get the look and feel you want, whether cute, creepy, or chic. We've got step-by-step directions for two easy-to-make centerpiece decorations with lots of room for customization. It may even inspire you to come up with your own creations.

Fall Terrarium


  • Glass Cloche Jar
  • Floral foam
  • Decorative dried flowers/grass
  • Craft moss
  • Decorative gourds and pine cones (real or artificial)
  • Mini autumn leaf garland
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue (if needed)


Step 1. Cut and shape your floral foam to fit the base of the cloche jar. Keep in mind that the moss will add volume, so you may need to shave off some of the sides or bottom to accommodate the glass cover.

Step 2. Measure dried floral elements against the height of the glass cloche cover and cut them accordingly. Place the stems firmly into the foam. Be sure to test the length with the cover before moving on to the next step.

Step 3. Use moss to cover the foam base and secure with glue. Be sure to double check for any bare spots. For a true fall setting, distribute 15 - 20 mini leaves from the garland, a handful of pinecones, or other fall items across the moss.

Step 4. Now it's time to add your gourds. Keep in mind that real mini pumpkins will only last a few months. Use craft glue as needed for stacked objects. A little strategic placement of moss can help prop up these items as well. Once the cover is in place, remove any excess moss between the glass and the base.

Spooky Cemetery Terrarium


  • Glass Cloche Jar
  • Floral foam
  • Craft moss
  • Mini autumn leaf garland
  • Spooky Cemetery Printable cutouts
  • 2 packs of paper stem wire (12 pieces total) or real twigs
  • Thread
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Glue


Step 1. Starting with the base, cut pillars of floral foam in various sizes to add dimension to your cemetery scene. Place the highest section where you plan to add the tree.

Step 2. Take two pieces of paper stem wire and twist them together lengthwise, concentrating on the middle. Add additional pieces one at a time, wrapping them around the trunk to form branches and roots. Select a few wire pieces to twist together to vary the size of the limbs.

Once the tree is finished, gently press the roots into the floral foam to hold it in place. For an even easier spooky tree, use a few real twigs from the yard instead.

Before adding the bats, test the size of the tree against the glass cloche cover. Bend and shape as needed to ensure the entire tree will fit inside.

Step 3. Once the tree is finished, it's time to add some bats. Follow the instructions on the Spooky Cemetery Printables sheet to cut out each figure and add thread.

Rather than tying the bats to a branch, carefully wrap the thread around a limb and add a dab of glue to keep it from unraveling. To adjust the length, simply wind the bat around the branch until it hangs correctly. For the sleeping bat, add glue to the tab and secure it around one of the tree limbs.

Step 4. Create some ground cover with craft moss. Be sure to conceal the floral foam and any empty areas around the tree roots.

Step 5. After creating your tombstones from the Spooky Cemetery Printables PDF, set them into place. A touch of glue on the base will help to keep them from shifting.

Step 6. Finally, sprinkle the scene with fall leaves cut from the garland and replace the cover.

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Embellishing with Americana

Both heartwarming and inviting, Americana decor celebrates tradition while adding refreshing touches to today’s homes.  Beautifully incorporating into a wide range of interior decor styles from country farmhouse to industrial and vintage to modern, embracing Americana accents and embellishments creates unique spaces that are irresistibly engaging.

From living spaces and cozy dining areas to kid’s rooms and backyard patios, any space in your home is a candidate to be sprinkled with red-white-and-blue.

Playing with Colors

Adding patriotic panache doesn’t have to mean limiting your choices to a primary-only color scheme.  Blues can range from deep navy to softer country blue while reds can be vivid crimson to sultry merlot. Americana can celebrate the entire US or any of the glorious fifty states.

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Trend Watch: Geometric Patterns


Trellis, latticework, quatrefoil, and Moroccan tile motifs make a huge impact on interior design. These engaging patterns have a geometric quality that creates a bold statement, yet they are graceful enough to take the edge off of stark spaces.

Elegant and alluring, these stylish patterns are popping up everywhere in 2019.

Quatrefoil patterns are curvy and captivating and can be found on rugsaccent piecestoss pillows, and bedding.

Multiple patterns overlaid create contrast and interest. This bedroom integrates diamond and quatrefoil patterns in the bedding, plus interlocking squares in the window treatment.


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