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The beautiful thing about creating a coastal outdoor space in your own backyard is that you can forgo all the planning, tedious packing and large crowds. Instead, your dream destination is just a few steps away and always ready for you to indulge in the comfort of your own private space. Follow our tips and you’ll soon be relaxing in an outdoor beachy paradise you can call your own.


It’s easy to get carried away shopping for the little decor pieces you love, but you’ll make the most out of your space if you choose the large core furniture items first. To create an outdoor space that speaks to you, think about how you plan to use it. If you love entertaining, a sofa set with a fire pit table offers plenty of room to gather ‘round and enjoy the crackling flames. If you’re more of a low-key weekender, a small patio chat set or hammock might work best for you. Regardless of the style or size, resin wicker is a classic beach-inspired choice you can’t go wrong with.


To evoke a seaside vibe, pair classy neutrals with pops of fresh color. Navy blue, turquoise, teal, coral and minty green are gorgeous hues for a coastal chic space. No matter your furniture choices, it’s easy to add color with outdoor throw pillows or low-maintenance indoor/outdoor area rugs. If you really want to go bold, consider painting an exterior wall in a coordinating color with your decorative pieces.


Shiplap has risen in popularity for a reason—it exudes a cozy, beach-cottage feel that’s perfect for your coastal-themed patio space. While you can get away with a faux shiplap wall for interior spaces, we recommend using real shiplap for exterior walls. And as for color? You can never go wrong with white. Or consider a soft beige or a soothing blue for that extra-special touch.


Lighting can make or break a space, so don’t leave ambient lighting out of the equation. String lights are a popular choice for their nostalgic feel and affordability. You can drape one or two lines over your seating area, or cover your entire patio ceiling—either way, the results are pretty magical come night time. If you’re not a fan of string lights, consider LED light strips you can adhere flush to the ceiling, or add an outdoor ceiling fan to make hot summers more enjoyable.


Is it really a full ensemble without a few accent pieces? Give your outdoor space some love with accessories that serve equal parts style and function. Wicker style baskets have a beachy feel, all while neatly compartmentalizing loose items like outdoor throws and children’s toys. If extra storage is a priority, consider a bar cart to hold drinks for happy hour. Decor like faux window frames, surfboards or wall art give your space a personal touch.


And finally, make sure to create a picture-perfect finish by adding a natural element. Fresh greenery will make your outdoor area look like a lush paradise, and they can do wonders for lifting your mood. To tie it all back to a beachy theme, consider pairing your plants with clear vials filled with sand and collected seashells from past beach outings.

So, did we hit the mark on coastal chic style? As always, we’d love to see your ideas and creations. Make sure to snap a picture of your outdoor space and share it with the hashtag #MyAshleyHome for a chance to be featured. 





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How To Grow Your Very Own Indoor Herb Garden – Tips And Ideas

How To Grow Your Very Own Indoor Herb Garden – Tips And Ideas

There’s nothing like cooking with fresh ingredients and while you might not be able to grow your own vegetables indoors, there’s always room for fresh herbs. That’s why we think everyone should have their very own indoor herb garden. It’s easy to maintain and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can grow the herbs in pots which you can keep out on the balcony or even in the kitchen.

Curious what herbs you can grow indoors? We’d be happy to mention a few. The most common ones include parsley, mint, lemongrass, dill, chives, cilantro, sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil but also lemon balm, chervil, garden cress and even catnip. Some need shallow container, some can adjust themselves to grow in small pots and some require plenty of soil so do a bit of research before planting. After that, you can start thinking of how you’ll be displaying and storing the herbs and that’s where we can help the most. Check out some of the cutest and most practical and stylish indoor herb garden ideas we could find in the examples below.

DIY ideas


Every little bit of space is precious, especially in areas like the kitchen so there’s no point in wasting any when you can hang your herb garden and leave the counter for prepping and other activities. You can create a simple hanging planter system yourself using a wooden rod and some rope. You can find a tutorial for that on bunker and you can use it not just for herbs but for indoor plants in general.


A really cute idea can be to plant herbs in matching pots of different colors and to group them all up on shelves or to organize them in a way similar to what you can find on abeautifulmess. This simple system keeps the planters neatly and practically organized in trays on two tiers. You can put together the frame yourself and you can adjust the measurements according to your own preferences.

A wall-mounted herb garden would be a very practical idea too. You can build a frame out of wood and the design is simple and lets you easily add this planter system to any room of the house. Installation is easy as well and the possibilities for customization are numerous. For instance, you can choose to stain or to paint the wood so it matches other elements in the room.


Of course, building a shelving system for your indoor herb garden is entirely optional. You could focus instead on making the planters look cute and beautiful and simply keep them on the windowsill, on the counter or on any other existing surface. A particularly cool idea is to use chalk paint and to customize each planter with the name of the herb they hold. Check out rusticandwoven for instructions.


On 7thhouseontheleft you’ll find instructions on how to make cute little herb planters out of empty tin cans and wooden clothespins. There’s nothing special about it…just attach clothespins to the outside of the can, creating a sort of tiny fence. You can also use this as a votive, not just an herb planter.





The copper pipe hanging system is one of the easiest DIY projects ever. It’s not just great for hanging herb planters but for a lot of other things. You can even add a rod like this one in the laundry room and use it to hang clothes. In any case, once you have the rod in place you should focus on making those colorful cord plant hangers. Pick any colors you think would look best in your home decor.



Windowsill planters are super practical for a variety of reasons such as the fact that the windowsill is actually a perfect spot for them. These planters are also easy to craft, assuming that you prefer a handmade design. The project from oliveandcocoa shows you how to grow a small herb garden from scratch. The planter is simple and cute and lets you grow everything in one place.


Some herbs and plants will grow in just about any type of container which means you can even use mason jars for that. The jars can be left transparent so you can see the soil inside or can be painted or decorated with fabric. You can group them all up on the windowsill or you can keep them on shelves. Another options is to make a custom metal basket like the one featured on consumercrafts.

Modern Ideas


If you’re super serious about your indoor herb garden you might want to think about investing in something a bit more fancy, like this AeroGarden system which lets you grow up to three plants in water. It features a smart and user-friendly control panel which turns the lights on and off and even reminds you when it’s time to give the plants nutrients.


Another cool option is the Smart Garden 3 which takes care of everything for you and lets you grow healthy and beautiful herbs and plants without having to worry about maintenance. You just drop the plant cartridges into the container and you fill the reservoir with water. After that you just plug the planter in and that’s it!.


But what if you want to grow more than just parsley and thyme? What if you also want to grow vegetables like salad or peppers? Then you’ll need something bigger. We suggest the Vertical NFT Hydroponics Growing System. It lets you grow up to 24 fresh herbs and plants without any soil and with very little effort. 


You want to start your own indoor herb garden but you don’t know where to start from? This Windowsill Herb Garden Kit is just the thing you need. It contains everything you need including herb seed packets, pre-labeled pots and potting mix. All you need to do is add water. You’ll also get instructions and tips for setting up your new windowsill garden just the way you like it. 


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The Most Popular Garage Organization Systems And How To Build Them

The Most Popular Garage Organization Systems And How To Build Them

The garage is probably the most cluttered and least organized space in the house and that’s because nobody really focuses enough on this area or on the furniture and features in it. Sure, other spaces have priority but a good garage organizationsystem can actually help you keep the rest of the house clean and tidy so isn’t it about time you focused your attention on DIY garage storage project? We have some ideas that you might find interesting.


We’ll start with some shelves which are great for storing off-season shoes. Why clutter your entryway when you can keep everything you’re not using in the garage? You can make these shoe storage shelves out of some scrap pieces of wood so it shouldn’t be an expensive project.


Shelves are great for storing a lot of things on them, not just shoes and there’s definitely a lot to be stored in a garage. These fast and easy built-in wall shelvesshould help you keep the clutter at bay, at least a little.

Garden tools and supplies are among the things we usually keep in the garage so it would be nice to have a separate storage unit just for them. It doesn’t have to be anything too complex. If you have some old shutters maybe you can repurpose those. Just add a few hooks and knobs and that should work just fine.


Of course, sometimes a few hooks just aren’t enough to keep everything organized so a different DIY garage storage idea is needed. These storage shelves seem like a good option. Be sure to follow the tutorial’s instructions to ensure the success of your project.


Sometimes a garage can be too messy and badly organized to even know what to focus on. In that case, a total makeover might be a good idea. You can check out the transformation featured on pinklittlenotebook as a source of inspiration. It shows how much of a difference some fresh paint and a good storage system can make.


Large gardening tools can take up a lot of space, especially if you don’t have a designated storage system for them and you just pile them up in a corner. The good news is you can easily remedy that with a simple project that involves an old wooden pallet. Find all the details on hometalk.


Simple shelving, as it turns out, can be the perfect solution to the storage problem a lot of us have in spaces like the garage or the storage room. If the ceiling is low like in the case of this basement space featured on hometalk, the shelves can go all the way up.



It’s great having a garage where you can store your bike or scooter and a bike rack would come in handy too. You can build one yourself out of wood and you can customize it to hold not just bikes but also scooters and other things. Check out Hertoolbelt for more details.



A garage is often also a workshop and if you often do projects in here then you might want to take some time one day to build a workbench with storage underneath. The unit would be quite similar to a kitchen cabinet or island. Don’t forget to maximize storage with wall-mounted garage organization systems like those featured n hometalk.


No more room for storage on the floor or the walls of your garage? Look up and build yourself an overhead shelf. You can use reclaimed wood or pallets for this project. Customize the design based on your own specific storage needs. You can find a detailed tutorial for this on instructables.


Open shelves are often the best storage solution, especially for pantries or garage spaces. Building custom floating shelves for the garage is pretty easy according to this tutorial from instructables but keep in mind that you can customize the project according to what you plan on storing there. For example, you can space out the shelves so they can accomodate large objects if that’s the case.


When building garage cabinets or storage units, it’s a good idea to include as many storage options as possible and to avoid only having open shelves or only drawers. This way you can better organize the garage and you have more options to choose from. A nice example is this instructables workbench design.


It’s also useful to have some flexibility and mobility so you can either reorganize the garage if need be or so you can move around a storage module if for example you have a project that needs to be done outdoor or in a different location. This portable storage caddy would be perfect for those situations.

It’s not just the big storage units and garage storage systems that can make your life easier but also the accessories and the small things like a homemade extension cord winder. You can learn how to build one by following the tutorial offered on instructables.


Speaking of little things and accessories, this zip tie organization system is pure genius. It’s quite easy to put together too. You just need some PVC pipes, a piece of wood and a few nuts and washers. Never mix up your zip ties and always know where to look for them when you need one. Find more details on instructables.


In case you have some old furniture you don’t need anymore, don’t be quick to throw it away just yet because you might be able to repurpose it. For example, an old cabinet could become a storage unit for the garage and you could keep garden tools and other things in it.


If you can find yourself a metal rack and some reclaimed wood then you have a recipe for success because you can use these things to build a garage organization system with shelves on which you can keep tools, gardening supplies and all sorts of other things which you can separate into containers. Check out funkyjunkinteriors to find an inspirational project that describes this process.


Finding a good way to store tools like brooms, gardening rakes and other things with long handles is close to impossible and yet there are solutions, like the one suggested on newlywoodwards which could definitely save your garage from becoming a messy and ugly space.


It’s not just the actual storage system that matters but also the way in which you customize it and make it work for you and your own garage. For example, a basic shelving unit might not look like much but check out how cool and well-organized everything looks. It’s all done with containers and labels.



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Clever Ways To Integrate Bedroom Shelves Into Your Next Design Project

Clever Ways To Integrate Bedroom Shelves Into Your Next Design Project

Wall shelves make it easy to reinvent our homes and to add more storage to a space without cluttering the room. Some types of shelves are universally versatile and some are better-suited for certain types of spaces or fulfill specific functions. Bedroom shelves are not usually meant to be very specific although there are exceptions. There are many different options and designs to choose from. You can see some of them below.


Bedroom shelves can serve a variety of different purposes. They can even function as nightstand replacements which is a very practical idea for small spaces with reduced footprints.


Box-like geometric shelves are great as display pieces. You can mount them in the bedroom where they can hold collectibles, pieces of artwork, framed pictures and other such items.


One option is also to have shelves or storage modules on either side of the bed and even just above the headboard, thus framing the bed and maximizing storage while also creating a warm and cozy ambiance in the room.


A particularly interesting trend is having an extra wide headboard which extends to each side of the bed, providing a uniform look to the room and doubling as a backdrop for bedroom shelves or as a surface on which to attach sconces.


The shelves can also be built into the walls of a bedroom in which case they’re sort of like niches. It’s possible to only create the illusion of a wall niche by incorporate this sort of shelf opening into a wall unit.


Instead of a typical freestanding nightstand, a chic idea can be to have floating shelves attached to the headboard. This way you’ll create the illusion of more space.


If you want your bedroom shelves to be both practical and eye-catching, consider some interesting geometric shapes or different color options. You can combine several modules into a unique display.



Shelves are pretty simple and that means they’re also pretty easy to customize if, for example, the bedroom is decorated with a particular theme. Check out this cool nautical-themed design and all the subtle details in it.


You can use shelves to store and display just about anything. In this case, the bedroom shelves act as dressers and form an interesting wardrobe with an open design.


Create a geometric display of shelves to give the bedroom a unique and original look. The best place for them would probably be on the wall behind the bed.


Shelves can also act as dividers. In this cozy bedroom setup, the bookshelves separate the sleeping area from the social space and frame it without completely delineating it from the rest of the floor plan.


The wall behind the bed is often quite useless since you can’t really have other furniture on it except for the bed. Actually, that’s not exactly true. This shared bedroom shows how a shelving unit can act as a backdrop for not one but two beds.


Sleek, geometric bedroom shelves can double as decorative pieces and you can even display them in combination with artwork or framed paintings and pictures.


It’s also possible for the wall behind the shelves to be the center of attention, in which case the shelves are merely accessories, a sort of overlay designed to enhance the beauty of the wall.


You can use shelves to highlight certain design features of the bedroom. For example, a high ceiling could definitely look dramatic and a few simple shelves can help you take advantage of this feature.


Murphy beds and bedroom shelves go hand in hand. A shelf can double as a base for the bed or as a sleek nightstand. The shelves are usually a great way to disguise a fold-down bed.


Shelves can also emphasize the width of a wall and redirection the attention towards a certain part of the room which is usually useful when the space has a low ceiling for example.

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By Jaqueline Rose


  Shabby Chic was possibly the most common interior design for most French country houses by default–the French rarely throw out anything functional just because it’s ‘old’–but over the last few decades, the style has spread throughout the world, becoming a favourite with those who prefer their chic to be more casual than carefully constructed.

Though the French may do this naturally, the term ‘shabby chic’ originated  started in Great Britain and evokes the type of decoration found in large country houses where there are worn and faded old chintz sofas and curtains, old paintwork and unassuming ‘good’ taste. The goal  is to achieve an elegant overall effect, as opposed to cutesy Pseudo-Victorian. Recycling old furniture and fabrics is an important aspect of the look.

Tips to Get the Style

The overall elegance of this look is created through the use of several elements, including:

1. The use of vintage furniture and accessories, preferably not in pristine condition

2. Exposing original floorboards, beams and brick walls

3. Painting in neutral shades or white – this is crucial, as it keeps the ‘shabby’ look clean

4. Using objects in unusual ways. For example,  a teapot becomes a planter; an industrial spool becomes a table; old jeans are used to reupholster a Louis XV chair, for example.  This design creates an intimate, comfortable and homely feeling, and can easily be applied to any room in the house.

5. Mix it up! Nothing needs to match perfectly. A few odd pieces of china, different carved knobs on a drawer, mixed cushion styles…anything goes so long as the colour scheme is neutral.

6. To get the look, seek inspiration in Pinterest, country decor magazines and online sites, such as ColorTyme.


What to Hunt For

Of course, with this look, a mix of styles, materials and colours is encouraged. Look for anything from Victorian era lampshades and chairs to antique basins, Rococo style chandeliers, carved drawer handles, white or bordered china, tin containers (old or new) and tall, elegant candle holders can add a charming touch to any room.

Don’t worry if what you find is covered in distressed, stained, rusted or covered in old paint, as this lends a countryside quaintness to any piece of furniture. In fact, to give something new an upcycled feeling yourself, paint any item with one or two coats of paint, and then gently rub off the dried paint with a bit of  steel wool, concentrating on the corners or wherever normal wear would occur.  Voila! What’s new becomes old again.

With more attention being paid to the environment, people are becoming reluctant to kit out their homes with all-new furnishings.  Shabby Chic is solid proof that  featuring pre-loved furnishings and homeware in your home decoration scheme is far from shabby; it’s simply 100% chic.


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